The Quick Start Guide to Self Directed IRAs

quick start guide to self directed IRAs
This essential guide to self-directed IRAs will save you time and money:
  • Complete Road Map. Features a simple, easy-to-follow road map to help you self direct your retirement with fully updated information and resources.
  • Make Wise Choices. Outlines what you need to know to find the most suitable self-directed IRA custodian or administrator, what factors are important for you to consider, and how narrow down your choices from 45+ down to 5 or less.
  • Simple Easy-to-Follow Instructions. Provides a step–by–step implementation plan as well as additional support and resources.
  • Avoid Mistakes. Four Bonus Reports, including our special report, The 9 Common Self-Directed IRA Investors Mistakes. We reveal each of these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

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In the Quick Start Guide, You Will Discover:

An Easy To Follow Road Map

Learn how to self-directed your IRA with this simple easy-to-follow road map. It will show you step-by-step how to set up and invest with your self-directed IRA. Avoid the common mistakes that investors make, by learning from a seasoned professional. 

Simple Easy To Understand Explanations

Are you confused by financial industry jargon? The Quick Start Guide to Self-Directed IRAs defines essential terms that you need to know in easy to understand language. Do you know when to open your self-directed IRA account, and when you should not?  Should you use a custodian or administrator or facilitator or coordinator? Confused? We have the answer to these questions and more.

Self Directed IRA Custodian or Administrator?

Are you confused about which self-directed IRA custodian or administrator you should use? If you are not confused, then you are probably missing something. Even industry experts get confused by the subtle differences. We show you how to make the best choice for your self-directed IRA investing needs.

4 Bonus Reports

In addition to receiving the Quick Start Guide to Self-Directed IRAs, you will get 4 additional Bonus Reports. These must-have reports will help you along the path of making the right decision for your retirement account.  

About the Author: Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm is a wealth manager and principal of Innovative Advisory Group, a fee-only investment advisory firm that focuses on the wealth management needs of individuals and their families.  Innovative Advisory Group has an expertise with alternative investments held in self directed IRAs.

Kirk is a seasoned wealth manager with over 16 years experience providing financial advice to individuals and their families, companies and non-profit organizations. Kirk has been featured in a number of media publications and has a sizable social media following. 

Innovative Advisory Group

A Fully Updated Quick Start Guide to Self Direct Your Retirement
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