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The Self Directed IRA Custodians and Administrator Fees Calculator will help you estimate the costs of your alternative investment:
  • Simple to Use. This fees calculator is set up for you to quickly enter the number and type of transactions you expect to have and the calculator will estimate the fees for you. No more guessing. Never be surprised by unexpected fees again.
  • Works Quickly. The days of using spreadsheets to estimate your fees are over. Quickly enter the number of transaction you estimate you will have this year and it will provide you with an estimate of the fees you will pay the custodian or administrator.
  • Complete Access. There are currently over 45+ custodians and administrators providing custody and administrative services to self directed IRAs. This fees calculator will provide you with the ability to estimate the fees for every custodian and administrator on our list.

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In this Essential Self Directed IRA Investor Tool, You Will Discover:

Complete Fees Calculator For 45+ Custodians and Administrators

A complete Fee Calculator for all 47 self directed IRA custodians and administrators' fee schedules.

Accurate Estimation of Custodian and Administrator Fees

Many people guess what they will pay in fees for using a custodian. Many more are surprised at what they pay in transactional costs. Take the guesswork out of your research. This Fees Calculator will give you the ability to make an accurate estimate at what you will pay each year in fees for using a custodian or administrator.

Access to Bonus Reports

Included in the Self Directed IRA Fees Calculator are 4 bonus reports. These reports can help you invest better with your self-directed IRA.

Access to Special Discounts

As a final bonus, you will have access to some of our other self-directed IRA resources at a discount to our regular price. If you like the fees calculator, you can also benefit from our Quick Start Guide to Self directed IRAs, our custodian and administrator comparison guide and the individual company profiles.

Kirk Chisholm

About the Author: Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm is a wealth manager and principal of Innovative Advisory Group, a fee-only investment advisory firm that focuses on the wealth management needs of individuals and their families.  Innovative Advisory Group has an expertise with alternative investments held in self directed IRAs.

Kirk is a seasoned wealth manager with over 16 years experience providing financial advice to individuals and their families, companies and non-profit organizations. Kirk has been featured in a number of media publications and has a sizable social media following. 

The Self Directed IRA Fees Calculator. Never Be Surprised By Fees Again.

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